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 VIDEO SERVICES OFFERED                      

School Sports Coverage 
We can film your school games with professional sports coverage.  Whether we use 1 camera or 10 cameras, you will have nonstop footage of your game.  We can capture the entire event with real audio from the stands and on the field.  Plus, we can edit it all together, complete with graphics, and host it on our website to share online.  Contact us for more details and a quote.
Recruiting Videos 
One of our specialties is college recruiting videos.  You can bring us all your video footage or you can hire us to film you at the games or on the practice field.  Then we will work our editing magic and produce an amazing highlight reel complete with graphics and stats.  We can provide DVDs or online hosting so you can make the most of your opportunities.  Contact us for more details and a quote.
Sports Training Videos 
If you have the skills to teach and train, we can help you produce a training video you can sell.  This is a great option for coaches and seasoned athletes that already teach or train on the field.  All we have to do is set up our cameras while you do your job.  Every video we produce is the property of the client who hires us.  That means you are free to make your own copies, or you can hire us to do your marketing too.

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